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Grains of sand as fine as powdered sugar between your toes, the embrace of a salty-warm breeze of wind-cut sea minerals and a scent of freedom that settles precisely between your upper lip and the tip of your nose: This even unreal scenario becomes your reality during a beach vacation in Oman! Despite all the beauty and fascination that comes from them, one thing you will not experience on the beaches in Oman. Mass tourism and party zones in the lee of the sea are as foreign to the Sultanate as the noble pallor of a sun-hungry European body.

At the zenith of the sun and with a distance to the equator of only about 2,300 km, the Sultanate offers you breathtaking moments between fiction and reality on a coastline of over 2,000 km. Press your backside into the sand, close your eyes and let the call of the sea carry you. While swimming in Oman, the ocean gives you the promise of unforgettable moments, inner contemplation and boundless freedom on the most beautiful beaches on earth.

Lonely pearls – deserted beaches like from a picture book

If you are traveling solo or as a couple in Oman, you will find lonely beaches with the unique flair of absolute seclusion. According to the motto “Only you, the wind and the sea” Adam and Eve could have found their paradise here. Even though public nudity on Muslim terrain is not only a no-go, but strictly forbidden, you will strip your soul to the core on these beaches. Where else is there a better place to find yourself than through the power of nature? Dip your big toe into the sun-warmed waves, enjoy the sight of the ocean’s endless expanse, grab a good book and embrace life. The silence that meets you here is like the melody of your heart.

White Beach

Whoever threw this fabulous dream beach at the feet of the Omanis did so with all the longing of the Omani sky. Between Sur and Muscat, at the height of the Wadi Shab plain, you will encounter a jewel that occupies a unique place in the midst of Omani bathing dreams. The sheer white sand presents its glistening expansiveness and the emerald green water gives the impression that the waves have been waiting for your visit to roll out at your feet alone.

Beach vacation-oman-white-sand-beach-round-trip-wadi-shab
White Beach and Wadi Shad are a great combination for an excursion

Even though your jaw may have taken a slight tilt at the beauty of this place, don’t forget to pull out your camera and capture this moment for eternity. One advantage of deserted beaches is not least the fact that they are ultimate photography hotspots without third party straw hats sticking out unflatteringly into the subject.

Masirah Island

One of the most remote beach destinations that your cellular connection will have to chew hard on is the beautiful hideaway Masirah Island. Ras Abu Zabil Beach can be reached via ferry within about 1.5 hours. There, a secluded oasis awaits you, where you certainly won’t miss your smartphone. It extends over two bays and is a real treasure trove. Since only few people stray here, you will find dreamlike shell creations and with a little luck even whale bones or turtle shells.

For beach lovers and kitesurfers Masirah has much to offer

The hot temperatures are pleasantly cooled down by the wind of the Indian Ocean. The sea is very calm and characterized by an extraordinary biodiversity. This results from a trio of currents from the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, and Gulf of Oman, as well as a transition zone of water layers of varying salinity, also called a “halocline.” Thanks to this impressive symbiosis, you can snorkel in the idyllic scenery of the offshore coral reef all day long until the orange-golden Omani sun asks for its setting.

Beaches in the south of Oman – Wadi Shuwaymiyah, Fazayah Beach and Taqa Beach

In the south of the Sultanate, there are some hidden pearls that will make your bathing experience in Oman even more enjoyable. In the immediate vicinity of Wadi Shuwaymiyah, the beach of the same name offers a sensational panorama amidst wildly romantic rocky coastline. The way there in a four-wheel drive SUV gives you pure off-road feeling deluxe and from the beach you can spot nesting seabirds and sea turtles and even friendly greeting dolphins.

Meet pensive camels trotting along on Fazayah Beach southwest of Salalah and let yourself be seduced by the spray of the wild blow holes at the supposedly dreamy Mughsail Beach northeast of the old seafaring city. At Taqa Beach between Mirbat and Salalah, when the wind blows through your hair while you’re swimming, know that it’s the whisper of the sea hoping for your return.

Bathing in Oman with the family – entertaining fun with net and double bottom

You have wriggling children at the start, who can imagine nothing better than to build artfully wet sandy blob castles and to paw with their little feet through the silt of the approaching surf? Even if Oman is not the most predestined destination for a family beach vacation, it is certainly one of the most extraordinary and is one of the absolute insider tips worldwide.

The family beaches for a beach vacation in Oman are mainly located in the northeast around Sur and Muscat. At Al Jissah Beach, Qurum Beach and Oman Dive Center Beach, lifeguards provide an extra sense of security for the little ones. Moreover, these beaches are well developed with catering, toilets and showers.

Ras Al Jinz Turtle Beach

A real highlight awaits families at Ras Al Jinz Turtle Beach in Sur. The beach, which nestles in a crescent shape in the scenery that slopes gently into the sea, is in close proximity to the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve. In order to experience the armored fellows not only in the reserve, but directly on the beach in action, you should schedule your vacation for this destination on the summer months. With a little luck, up to 80 turtles can cavort in the warm sands of the setting sun in just one evening. Memories that will accompany not only the little ones forever.

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Beware of extremely high solar radiation!

In Oman you will stay at about the level of the Central Sahara. This means that the sun’s rays are many times more intense than in southern European climes. Therefore, even as an adult – especially if you want to go on long hikes – you should definitely get a sunscreen with an extremely high sun protection factor: At least SPF 50, ideally SPF 110. If you can’t find a sunscreen with such a high sun protection factor in your local drugstore, you can conveniently order it online.

The perfect travel preparation: Everything for the perfect beach vacation in Oman!

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More Oman beach vacation hotspot

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