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Travelling with e-Cars in the Balkans – Charging in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Yes, you can charge your e-car in Bosnia and Herzegovina and reach all your destinations! This beautiful and unique country is a popular place to visit because of its wild nature that also needs to be protected. The road trips there are famous because travellers pass remarkable natural spots, small traditional villages and nature wonders where they can spontaneously spend the night. If you want to save and enjoy the last wild nature in Europe, be brave and plan your road trips with an e-car!

Meanwhile, apps also show charging stations, but always sporadically. If you work with several apps at the same time, you get a pretty well set-up charging structure.

The following app is recommended:


Very good listing for Bosnia and Herzegovina! All public chargers and those of the car dealers are displayed.

In addition, more than 40 wallboxes and chargers from Audi/Porsche Bosnia and Herzegovina have been installed throughout the country. More are already being planned. A list can now be found on Lela’s World, which is updated regularly.

You should definitely get yourself a mobile charging station with all possible adapters!

I recommend Juice Booster the smallest and safest mobile 22 kW charging station – compatible with all electric vehicles with charging socket type 2 or type 1. No matter where you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the vehicle can be charged overnight at a household socket. The adapter is waterproof and resistant to cold (-30 degrees) and heat (+50 degrees).

My overview of charging stations:

NameWebsiteCountry CodeCityPostal CodeStreetHouse Number
Hotel Hills Sarajevo http://www.hotelhills.baBAIlidza71210Butmirska Cesta 18
Hotel President Sarajevohttp://www.hotelpresident.baBASarajevo71000Ulica Bazardzani1
Swissotel Sarajevo Vrbanja1
Bosmal Arjaan by Rotanawww.rotana.comBASarajevo71000Ulica Milana Preloga12a
Etno Selo Stanisicihttp://www.etno-selo.comBADvorovi76300Pavlovica Put 32
Hotel Talijawww.hoteltalija.comBABanja Luka78000Ulica Srpska9
Grand Hotel Neumhttp://hotel-neum.comBANeum88390Ulica Hrvatskih Velikana2
Vila Edenwww.edenhotelspa.comBAMostar88000Konak18
Hotel Radon Plazawww.radonplazahotel.baBASarajevo71210Ulica Džemala Bijedica185
Hotel Park Doboj Kneza Lazara2
Hotel Mostarhttp://www.hotelmostar.baBAMostar88000Kneza Domagojabb
Courtyard by Marriott Luka78000Prvog krajiskog korpusa 33
Pino Nature Hotelhttp://www.pino-hotel.comBASarajevo71000Ravne1
Aparthotel Vuckowww.aparthotelvucko.comBAPale71423Olimpijska1
Hotel Kostelski Bukwww.kostelski-buk.comBABihac77205Kostelabb
Hotel Leone Medjugorje 88266Bana Josipa Jelacica1
Hoteli Ilidzahttp://www.hoteliilidza.baBAIlidza71210Hrasnicka cesta14
Hotel IUT Konzula – Meljanacbb
Hotel SL Panorama Dobb
Hotel Europehttp://www.hoteleurope.baBASarajevo71000Vladislava Skarica5
Hotel Balkana Grad70260Balkana21
Hotel B&M Zona jugbb
Mellain Hotel Tuzla Alije Izetbegovica 3
Hotel and Destillery Monogram Skugricbb
Avaz Twist Tower
Hotel President Capljinawww.hotel-president.baBACapljina88300Tasovcicibb
Hotel Vidikovac Druga56
Hotel Dubrovnik
Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa bb
Andricgrad Petra Ibb
Hotel President Capljinawww.hotel-president.baBACapljina88300Tasovcici bb
Porsche Centar Sarajevowww.porsche.baBASarajevo71000Bulevar Mese Selimovica16

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