Maserati Levante – Discover Oman with Italian passion

I was allowed to discover Oman with the Maserati Lavente S GranLusso (credit: Abduhlrahman Al Sinaidi)

I press the start button. The 6 cylinder engine, designed by Ferrari, howls under the stylishly shaped hood. It is a unique sound in the car world and people love it. Me too. I fell in love with the Maserati Levante S GranLusso when I first drove it in Cannes.

My first time with the Lavente was in Cannes.

Not just a car

It is often said that a car is just a commodity. Well – it is. But not exclusively – at least as far as I am concerned. The oldest wheel with axle in the history of mankind is 5200 years old. And this has brought the worlds closer together even then and has also changed them positively! A car is a synonym for the ingenuity of the human brain, which is capable of producing such inventions.

Driving in style with the Maserati...
... this is how "woman" lets herself live (credit: Abduhlrahman Al Sinaidi)

When you talk to Maserati car designers or even the employees in the factory, you immediately realize: it’s not just any piece of metal, it’s passion and love. Every step that contributes to the perfection of this car reflects the creativity of every single person who has worked on this Italian beauty.

If we take care to emphasize our personality through clothing style and accessories, why don’t we pay attention to the car, which contains so much passion and love of an engineer, designer, modeler, technician? A car that takes us wherever we want to go?

Even back then I was fascinated by this car

A journey is made special by...

A journey or an excursion is always exciting, because they promise new experiences, unexpected adventures and encounters that can even change your life. If you are travelling with a special car, every trip is a special event. It becomes a family member.

The Lavente S GranLusso (credit: Abduhlrahman Al Sinaidi)

A companion through Oman

For the next few months I will travel through Oman. The country from 1001 Nights is also the country of origin of Sinbad and the best incense in the world. The Omanis were always mobile, even in ancient times, which helped them become rich. They travelled through the desert with camel and donkey to export incense, spices and other luxury goods.

Sinbad went down in history as the absolute sailor with his ships, called dhow, which were the best in the world at that time. These historical magnificence ships are still built of wood today, but for private purposes. And the handicraft has its price – six digits in the middle range!

A doubly beautiful view, the Maserati and the capital of Oman Muscat (credit: Abduhlrahman Al Sinaidi)
Short stopover in Muttrah - Muscat(credit: Abduhlrahman Al Sinaidi)

But that’s a price one likes to pay for rare beauties. This is also the case with the Maserati Levante S GranLusso. Like a Roman god, it drives the streets with 430 horsepower, while I am literally bedded on the finest silk. The red leather of the sports seats is extravagant, combined with anthracite-colored elements woven from silk fibers, created by luxury designer Ermenegildo Zegna. The trident of the sea god Neptune graces the black radiator grille. It is as if the Roman god has exchanged his chariot for this Italian beauty to explore the homeland of Sinbad.

The versatile Oman

The country’s coasts are vast, mostly devoid of people, breathtaking. However, there are also many treasures to discover inland. Castles, forts, ancient sites, canyons, desert, wadis. Especially the untouched nature lets people reunite with the universe. Most of these destinations can only be reached with a 4×4 wheel SUV. Maserati Levante S GranLusso is the perfect travel partner, companion and gentleman. He fulfils almost every wish.

With him I am adventurous and explore new paths. I am curious what is hidden behind every curve or rock. Gravel road, desert or beach sand – my good-looking bodyguard on four wheels masters all surfaces without any problems while I am sunk in the seats. I am now Sinbad or Neptune behind the wheel myself, writing my own adventure stories.

Sometimes I let somebody else drive... But only sometimes (credit: Abduhlrahman Al Sinaidi)

Maserati’s design and soul, a symbiosis of temperament and comfort, reflects the Italian attitude towards life – modernity is at the forefront without neglecting tradition. It’s the same in Oman. “Power comes to those who rule the sea. Neptune’s trident is the sceptre of the world” is an 18th century quotation – the Maserati logo is, was and remains a good choice.

More about Oman

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