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After numerous trips to Oman, I lived in Oman for almost 2 years. In the meantime, I commute between Oman and Bosnia, my second home. During this time, my local friends showed me many wonderful places. In this little travel guide I will give you a first overview of the country, the people and the Omani culture.

My Oman travel guide – the most important at a glance

  • The friendliness and hospitality of the Omani people is exceptional. You are welcomed with open arms.
  • Oman is a very safe country. No trace of the political unrest of other destinations in the Orient.
  • Must sees: Muscat, Salalah, Nizwa and Mirbat
  • Muscat, the capital of Oman, offers a lot of culture and sights.
  • The best time to travel to Oman is during the winter season. The climate is mild and dry. It gets pretty hot in the summer.

For those looking for a quick overview, I have compiled the most important info about Oman and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You want to go on a beach vacation in Oman? Then just have a look at my overview article on beach vacations in Oman. In this I have collected all the important information. You’ll also find a guide to the perfect beach experience in Oman.

Or directly to the contents of the overview:

Get to know Oman with me – The most important travel information for before and during the trip

In these posts I would like to introduce Oman to you!


Smart travel to Oman – best time to travel

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As multifaceted as the spectrum of scenic attractions in Oman is, as different are the intentions behind a trip to Oman. While many a traveler longs for a sandy, sun-baked body on a beach vacation, hiking enthusiasts can’t wait to swell their calf muscles. Therefore, to find the best time to travel in Oman for…

UP’N’AWAY – Emigrate to Oman

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Once to Oman, please: One-Way! Your heart beats faster, because soon it’s time? As exciting as a trip to Oman is, the mission to “emigrate” is overwhelming. Therefore, nuances of stress, shades of tension, and notes of insecurity are also likely to be caught up in your anticipation, nervousness, and indescribable wanderlust. Have your to-do…

Oman Air – High-end airline flies with opulence and grandeur at 4-star luxury level

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The bird with the silvery-golden fluttering angel wings has made it high in the segment of high-ranking awards and awards received. As the world’s leading airline, Oman Air was named the unrivaled winner in a total of four divisions at the 2019 World Travel Awards. That this did not happen without reason, you will already…

Arabic etiquette – charming guide to avoiding putting your foot in your mouth in Oman

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The Omanis are a tolerant people. But as open-minded as they are towards you, you should be respectful towards them. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the typical customs and traditions of Oman before your trip to the Sultanate on the Arabian Sea. This etiquette guide informs you about customs such…

Rent a car in Oman – with a CARavane to the most beautiful pearls in the Sultanate

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The scenic landscapes of Oman are characterized by such a great variety of impressive natural beauty and cultural highlights that it is worth investing more time to give free rein to your inner overwhelm. Even though you can sit back and relax on a guided tour, you’ll appreciate preferring to take the wheel yourself. You…

Oman weather – conditions between cliché and reality

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Anyone confronted with the mysterious name of the sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula associates sunshine, lack of humidity and temperatures that are only bearable for Central Europeans with cool drinks and ice cubes to go. That this is only half the truth about the climatic conditions in Oman becomes apparent when we take a look…

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