Oman Air – High-end airline flies with opulence and grandeur at 4-star luxury level


The bird with the silvery-golden fluttering angel wings has made it high in the segment of high-ranking awards and awards received. As the world’s leading airline, Oman Air was named the unrivaled winner in a total of four divisions at the 2019 World Travel Awards. That this did not happen without reason, you will already realize when you let your rear end sink into the elite seat in economy class. As pompous as the Sultanate of Oman appears with its magnificent mosques, expensive state perfume and exquisite hotels, the luxury airline Oman Air with its sweeping wings already starts its flights of fancy on the way to the Orient.

Have you taken a seat? Fasten your seatbelt and come along on a journey that unfolds all its magic as soon as you board on German soil. Can you feel your body starting to relax, your eyelids getting heavier and slowly but steadily folding down? Surely in it, besides your deep relaxation, lies a great deal of reverent admiration of the elite magic that awaits you in Tomorrowland.

Fast Seatbelt – Oman Air departure & arrival destinations

The national airline of the Sultanate of Oman offers direct flights in German-speaking countries from Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Zurich (Switzerland). From Germany, your destination airport is the capital Muscat, where the airline is headquartered. If you are planning to spend a beach vacation in Oman, the south around Salalah is your No. 1 destination. The fact that there is no direct flight there, however, is not too tragic. The luxury fleet flies several times a day from Muscat to Salalah, so you can arrive relaxed at your destination after a stopover in the capital.

Other direct destinations in Europe include London, Manchester, Paris, Milan, Istanbul and Moscow. In the summer there are additional flights to Athens. In addition to the Emirates, Oman Air’s focus is on international destinations in Asia and Africa. During a longer stay in Oman, you can fly with the elite airline to a short trip to pompous Dubai or traditional Abu Dhabi, and during the winter months you can roll around in the snow-white sand of the Maldives thanks to Oman Air. The airline has chosen Khasab in the Omani enclave of Musandam as another domestic destination for tourists.

Fleet of dynamic, highly elegant floating birds

Founded in 1993, the airline emerged from Gulf Air, which flies for the Kingdom of Bahrain. More than half of the employees are Omanis. The premium airline had 52 aircraft in the spring of 2020. More than half of these are Boeing 737s, two handfuls each are Boeing 787s and Airbus A330s. In order to keep the fleet at a high technical level at all times, the four Embraer 175s in the fleet at the reporting date are being phased out.

The aircraft interior becomes really interesting from Business Class and, with a stay in First Class, is your cherry on the cake of a trip to Oman. While Economy Class already rests your head on adjustable headrests and your stressed feet on footrests, the extraordinarily generous elbow and legroom in Luxury Classes takes on dizzying dimensions. In First Class you dream in a closed private suite, where you have absolute peace and quiet from stressful seat neighbors or the commotion in front of the toilet. You can spend your sleeping hours in a horizontal position, because your seat can be transformed into a bed above the clouds in no time at all. To make sure you really get a taste for it, the airline is also at the forefront when it comes to culinary specialties. Whether Arabic or international: Look forward to an exquisite on-board cuisine that will spoil you to the hilt. The airline focuses on sustainability and regional products.

State-of-the-art on-board entertainment & pioneering internet and telephony

For binge-watching deluxe, the Omani airline offers you audio as well as video-on-demand and extends this offer with live satellite TV. You can enjoy listening and viewing from the seat of the person in front of you, in which the most modern screens are integrated. An absolute novelty: Oman Air was the first airline ever to install mobile telephony and an Internet connection in all (!) travel classes. So that all your devices can run independently of powerbanks, you may charge via USB port from the front seat. Probably this way the flight time will pass faster than you would like.

Once Oman, always Oman? – Sindbad frequent flyer program makes you want to return

With Oman Air’s Sindbad frequent flyer program, you fly smart. In the three membership levels Blue, Silver and Gold, you earn miles in the air as well as on the ground and can redeem them for numerous benefits. In this way, you already receive discounts on purchases in the duty-free area on your flight in the entry category and can work your way up to the upgrade to First Class via additional free baggage allowance, lounge access and travel class-independent check-in at the Business Class counter. Your flight with the noble airline is already booked? Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride through the air!

Oman Air - High-end airline flies with opulence and grandeur at 4-star luxury level 1



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