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Your heart beats faster, because soon it’s time? As exciting as a trip to Oman is, the mission to “emigrate” is overwhelming. Therefore, nuances of stress, shades of tension, and notes of insecurity are also likely to be caught up in your anticipation, nervousness, and indescribable wanderlust. Have your to-do lists already made their way through tons of moving boxes, towers of clothes, and file folders like sweet porridge? Your smartphone alerts you every hour about “What’s next?” and your hair has rolled out in all directions from loss of control? To help you keep track and plan efficiently, here is a guide to emigrating to Oman.

Emigrating to Oman – Things to do in Germany

Identity card & passport

The fact that you can prove your identity is elementary to be allowed to set foot on Omani soil at all. Therefore, check the validity of your identity card, but also passport. Both must be valid until six months after your entry. If this is not the case, take care of their renewal.


Since you are entering Oman outside the EU, you absolutely need a visa. You can apply for this conveniently online HERE. The visa that has the longest validity is the 36A visa. It is valid for one year and you can leave and re-enter the country several times within this year. Contrary to the rule in force some time ago, you do NOT need a sponsor or an invitation from Omani organizations or citizens. This former regulation has been replaced by the new possibility of an online application.

Important: The approval of the visa takes place in most cases within a few hours. From then on the validity starts to run. Therefore, do not apply for the visa too early, otherwise you will lose valuable time. Also, it is imperative that you enter Oman within 30 days from the date of approval, otherwise the Sultanate will consider the visa to have expired.

Work Permit & Work Visa

Upon special application – and under the responsibility of your employer – you can be issued a so-called “Work Visa” by the Royal Oman Police. Unless you are working in government affairs and will not receive an invitation from such an organization, you will need a work permit from the Ministry of Labor.

You can also obtain a work visa. It has a validity of 2 years from the date your passport is stamped accordingly, and is also intended for multiple exit and entry. The main requirement is that the profession specified in the work permit must be the same as that for the work visa. You can find more information about the requirements and necessary documents HERE.

Since Oman is a relatively exotic destination to emigrate to, the information transmitted to Germany regarding the work visa for Oman is somewhat scarce. Even the German Foreign Office states that the regulations can change at short notice without being informed. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the Omani representation in Berlin for legally binding information and documents. You can find this at the Foreign Office.

Residents’ Registration Office

Say goodbye to your former home by deregistering with your city or town government. The Federal Registration Act requires that the deregistration be made no later than two weeks after the departure.

Health Insurance & Pension Insurance

When emigrating to Oman, your statutory health insurance and pension insurance must be deregistered in Germany. If you have already paid into the German pension system, you may later be entitled to a pension abroad. Since NO legal advice can be given at this point, get specific advice on these topics from your health insurance and pension insurance.

Important: In order not to leave a gap in coverage and to keep a loophole open for a possible return migration, you can clarify with the social security agencies to what extent it is possible for you to deregister only when you are socially insured in Oman.

Driving license

To ensure that you are mobile when you arrive in Oman after emigrating, an international driver’s license is recommended. This is only legally valid in conjunction with a German driving license document. You can apply for the international driver’s license at your driver’s license office.

Important: After 3 months of stay, you will need an Omani driver’s license, for which you should contact the relevant local authorities.

Health Check & Vaccination

Before you go into the hands of Omani doctors, a general health check with your family doctor, but also dentist is useful. In addition, you should check whether you have been vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and rabies and if necessary get them. Make sure you have your vaccination card on board. If there are relevant reports from past medical histories that you may need to rely on later, have them translated in advance to be prepared after you emigrate to Oman.

General Insurance & International Health Insurance

Make a list of your existing insurances and discuss with the insurer how they can be continued abroad. You should take out any missing insurances now at the latest. In any case, this includes liability, accident and household insurance.

When emigrating to Oman, you should pay special attention to your health insurance. Because emigrating can quickly turn out to be a financial disaster if you are dependent on medical treatment in Oman. In addition, as an expat in Oman, unlike the locals, you do not have subsidized access to the Omani healthcare system. Since there is no social security agreement between Germany and Oman, you will have to bear the full cost of all treatment yourself, unless you have private health insurance abroad.

Only if you are referred by a health center in Oman or it is an emergency, you will have access to Oman’s public health care. However, if you are admitted to a hospital and have to be treated there as an inpatient, or even just need an ambulance for initial treatment, you will have to pay for this in full yourself without private health insurance abroad. The same applies to all medical bills. Payments for inpatient treatment in public hospitals must be made by card.

Health insurance solutions specifically designed for expatriates in Oman can be easily purchased online from various providers. It is recommended to contact an insurer that specializes in the subject of emigration.

Birth certificate, marriage certificate & Co.

Get certified translations of your birth certificate, marriage certificate if applicable, and other elementary documents. If you emigrate with your family, remember their documents as well. Proof of parental status can save you some hassle when emigrating to Oman. Ideally, you should take this opportunity to check whether all relevant documents are complete.

Cancel apartment or sell/rent residential property & search apartment in Oman

Take a look at your lease agreement and find out about the notice periods for your apartment. This way you can schedule the written notice of termination of the apartment exactly. If necessary, it may also be necessary to carry out renovations yourself or hire tradesmen to do so. Also take care of reading your utility meters.

You have residential property that now needs to be gotten rid of? In order to gain time for your emigration planning, it is advisable to hire a real estate agent. In addition to selling, you may also consider renting. At the very least, it would be a lucrative way to build up reserves when emigrating to Oman.

In order not to stand there in Oman with bag and baggage, but without a place to stay, it is recommended to rent an apartment in Oman from Germany. This can be realized via the online real estate portals.

Order international freight forwarding/container

Forwarding companies and container services specialized in emigration will support you with complete solutions. You can trust them with the shipping of your goods and chattels.

Kids & Animals

When emigrating to Oman, German compulsory education for children ends from the date of emigration. Therefore, take care of the deregistration in good time – for younger children, that of the kindergarten. By the way, there is no compulsory education in Oman.

Before emigrating, have your pet checked out again by a veterinarian and get advice on pet vaccinations.

What else?

Other to-dos include placing a forwarding order with Deutsche Post and canceling the cable connection, broadcasting fee and any club memberships. You should also inform at least one person remaining at home about your new location and have financial reserves on board to pay for at least the return ticket in case of emergency.

Emigrating to Oman – Things to do in Oman

You take your first step on Omani soil and a heat-laden breeze runs through your hair? Whew – made it! After many hours of flying and massive emigrant exhaustion, you have finally arrived in your as of now new home. Interesting: You are nevertheless a citizen of the German state and are considered a German abroad in Oman.

Familiarize yourself with Omani and Arab customs!

When you immigrate from Germany, you enter a different culture! Even though Omanis are very tolerant, you should familiarize yourself with the most important customs and etiquette. I have summarized the most important info in three posts:

Mobile & Internet

So that you are organizationally “viable” when emigrating to Oman in the first place, an Omani SIM card is the be-all and end-all. You can easily get one at the airport in Muscat and have the choice between the following providers:

  • Omantel
  • Ooredoo
  • Renna Mobile

HERE you can get an overview of the different offer options.

Residence permit

As an expatriate in Oman, you are required to present a residence permit within 30 days from the date of entry. You can obtain this by going to the Royal Oman Police in person. It is required to submit the application form, passport and employer’s certificate – all documents in original. Information about the fees can be found HERE. If you want to emigrate to Oman with a child, have the child’s original birth certificate ready.


To make ends meet after emigrating to Oman, you will need a job. You will save yourself a lot of stress – especially with regard to the residence permit – if you have already taken care of it in Germany. Since you usually have other things to worry about when emigrating than dealing with lengthy searches, using a headhunter or recruiter is a time-saving solution. However, expect to have to shell out some cash for the time savings. Alternatively, you can of course search for jobs in Oman via online job portals.

Bank account

When emigrating to Oman, a bank account is like the Lord’s Prayer in the Bible: elementary. The favorite thing to look at is when it is well filled. You have the option of organizing an account with the National Bank of Oman, where online banking is also standard by the way. You can visit the website HERE. Alternatively, you can of course choose any direct bank through which you can easily conduct your banking business in Oman.

Social security

As an employee in Oman, Omani social security is mandatory. It insures against age-related risks, disability, death, and occupational diseases and accidents. The registration for social security in Oman will be done by your employer, if you will work as an employee. Self-employed persons in Oman can take out voluntary social insurance. You can find more information HERE.

School & Kindergarten

So far, there is no German-language school in Oman. In Muscat, however, you have a wide choice of international schools to choose from. Whether school or kindergarten in Oman: You can find a clear school list for children of all ages HERE.

If you are emigrating to Oman to pitch your tents in southern Salalah, you can contact the Salalah International School or British School Salalah.

What else?

Also, remember to report any damages to your shipping company immediately after immigrating to Oman in order to seek possible recourse. In addition, collect all the receipts you need for your tax return in order to be able to claim any relocation expenses for work-related reasons. Again, since NO tax information can be provided, consult a tax advisor for guidance on your tax rights and obligations.

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