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As multifaceted as the spectrum of scenic attractions in Oman is, as different are the intentions behind a trip to Oman. While many a traveler longs for a sandy, sun-baked body on a beach vacation, hiking enthusiasts can’t wait to swell their calf muscles. Therefore, to find the best time to travel in Oman for your dream destination, you should be aware in advance what the purpose of your trip is.

My overview of the best times to travel

If you like it fast, here is a summary of the best times to travel to Oman. I still recommend you to read through the individual sections!

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Diving (Corals)xxxxxxxx
Diving (kelp forests)xxxx
My overview – you can find more useful info in the individual sections

Best time to travel in Oman for a beach vacation

In order to experience the picture-book beaches in all their glory, you should take the plane between November and March. Although you can never be sure how nature will decide all year round, the risk of cyclones forming over the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman is significantly higher during the summer months.

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Coastal areas are then flooded and can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. In addition, the weather phenomenon occurring in the vacation region of Dhofar with its spray causes a second season and crowded hotels in the summer months. In addition, the warm and humid climate can be extremely unpleasant and exhausting for European sensibilities. With the winter months, you give all these inconveniences the cold shoulder.

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The spray of the summer months is not a reason for me not to go to the beach and relax

Best time to go kiteboarding in Oman

With wind force 4, kiting on Masirah Island can really start. If you want a good portion of wind for kiting, the months of May to September are suitable, as the wind blows strongest during this time. Kiteboarding in Oman during the months of March, April and October is not fun and not recommended.

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The best time to travel Oman for a diving vacation

Grandma’s underwater world shows itself in an ever-changing guise over the course of a year.

The winter months (October to May) are perfect for coral diving in Oman. Moreover, during this time the ocean offers you the best opportunities to explore the infinite biodiversity of fish and marine mammals. At no other time will you have better visibility underwater.

Kelp forests, one of the most fascinating experiences during a dive in Oman, can be discovered from about June until the end of September.

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Best time to travel in Oman for a hiking vacation

The interior of the country is scorching hot in the summer months and spoils any vacation pleasure for you. Since the summer heat accumulates mainly on the ground, a temperate climate prevails in the mountainous areas. If you want to lace up your boots to hike the beauty of the wild Hajar Mountains, for example, the best time to travel in Oman is from April to October.

Vegetation blossoms in the milder season, hiking reaches a new level

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Fascination Ramadan – but no shopping!

Want to indulge shopping cravings? Then it is not a good idea to travel to Oman during the fasting month. Many stores have shorter opening hours and are completely closed for the evening meal Iftar. Culinary pleasures in the open air are considered frowned upon for reasons of respect. However, if you are looking for fascinating authenticity, the annually different fasting month is your best time to travel in Oman.

First out of curiosity and then full of enthusiasm, I experienced Ramadan. An experience I would not want to miss.

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