On the traces of wafting incense clouds – impressive round trips through traditional Oman


Since Oman is far too unique, diverse and fabulously enchanting to commit exclusively to certain regions or activities, an individual round trip by rental car is your ultimate for a 360° cross-section of the country. Of course you can also book organized tours, but with your own vehicle you are a thousand times more individual and time independent on the road. Even if you don’t get the benefit of a tour guide’s explanations, it is the personally expressed insider tip of an Omani that gives your round trip the perfect drive. Breathe deeply, sniff the fragrance of Allah’s tears, and follow the footprints of the wind.

Road trip through the northeast – top highlights in Oman

Your round trip to the most enchanting treasures of Oman ideally starts in the capital Muscat, as you can pick up your rental car there directly at the airport. Visit the Great Sultan Qaboos Mosque, stroll to the legendary Muttrah Souk and immerse yourself in a true fairy tale from 1001 Nights at the Sultan’s Palace Qasr al-‘Alam. After a visit to the time-honored forts of Al-Jalali and Al-Mirani, a traditional dhow ride will put you in the seafaring mood of Sinbad.

Continue your journey south along the panoramic route on the Gulf of Oman, leaving behind the eastern part of the Hajar Mountains until you reach Wadi Shab:

After a hike and a swim in fascinating emerald pools, the impressive Bimmah Sinkhole awaits you before Sur. When emerald green alternates with sapphire blue, you’ve arrived at Wadi Bani Khalid. It’s the last wet stop before you plunge into the dust-dry dunes in your off-road vehicle. In the Wahiba Sands desert, windswept dune ridges merge with your Arabian longings and epic moments under the starry skies of Oman.

After a stopover in the medieval village of Ibra, you can visit the old royal town of Bahla with its UNESCO World Heritage fort of the same name. The oasis town of Nizwa and the spectacular Jebel Shams mountain range will be an unforgettable conclusion to your round trip.

Extra Tip:
When planning your round trip, place the individual stages like beads strung on a string. Depending on how many days you have available for the entire trip and at which spot you want to stay longer, you should make sure that the intervals between the sections are generous. You can take the time data at GoogleMaps as a basis, but you should add about a quarter. So you are relaxed on the road and will not only see the beauty of Oman, but let it blossom in your soul.

Road trip through the Centraloman – once land of milk and honey and back

To cross Oman once completely, you need about two and a half weeks. In tune with the natural flow of everyday Bedouin life, you will travel from Nizwa to the golden glittering sand dunes of the Rub Al-Khali desert in the south and on to the bathing mecca and incense wonderland of Salalah.

Along terra-color oil fields and the panorama of the emerald-sapphire shimmering coast, your trip back to the north leads you straight into pole position for your next round trip: A sensational road trip through Oman with an extension in the old-omanic traditional Abu Dhabi and spectacularly dazzling emirate Dubai.

On the traces of wafting incense clouds - impressive round trips through traditional Oman 1



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