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When we think of Oman, we are instantly transported to a world of dreams. Oriental sounds penetrate from the distance to the ear, alabaster-colored domes push themselves before our mental eye and the splendid shine of iridescent gold jewelry dazzles our even unbelieving pupils. All that’s missing is the magic magic lamp for scratching and there it is: the dream from 1001 Nights that has almost come true.

What already feels to adults like a longing story from an old, already slightly dusty fairy tale book, takes on dimensions for children that can hardly be grasped with bare hands. Traveling Oman with children is one of the most exciting adventures of their childhood and can be realized completely uncomplicated. Grab your dwarf, get on the flying carpet of Oman Air and experience your personal family fairy tale – to travel Oman with child and dive headfirst into the fabulous world of the Orient.

1001 good reasons to travel Oman with children

As soon as parents are on the road with their children, the imaginary flashing beacon usually comes on. Safety is the name of the game for most parents when planning a trip. Even more so when it comes to long-distance travel like an exciting trip to the Orient. Therefore, it is of particular importance to tailor the on-site program to the needs of the children. As a cosmopolitan country, the Sultanate has created generous measures for a family Oman vacation.

Oman is a very safe country with political stability, so you usually don’t have to worry about unrest. Only the region near the border with Yemen should be avoided. However, your vacation in Oman with children will most likely take place in the urban centers anyway. Even in the southern bathing paradise of Salalah, you’re miles away from Yemen – perfect for catching the tickling rays of the sun together with your little ones.

In addition, the Sultanate of Oman is a tolerant country, which is characterized by its hospitality. The perfect prerequisite for teaching children about Arab culture. When you are traveling with your rascals in Oman, it can happen that you are invited home for dinner by the Omanis. Thus, you can teach children openness to the world and after a possible small warm-up period you will have a hard time getting them away from the scene.

By the way: The infrastructure in Oman is excellently developed, because the Sultanate has long since arrived in the modern age. Therefore, in case of emergency, you can quickly jump in the car and reach a modern hospital.

Otherwise, you offer your children in Oman a colorful potpourri of varied activities. The beaches present themselves almost paradisiacal and are partly designated directly for families. Your kids need action? Oh well: Oman is crisscrossed by wild mountain ranges that seem mysterious with every nook and cranny of rock. At the highest mountain of the entire Arabian Peninsula – the Jebel Shams – you have the unique opportunity to inspire your kiddies for (exotic) hiking. In the hinterland you will go on fabulous expeditions and encounter a rich variety of flora and fauna.

Zoology and botany cannot be taught more beautifully. A trip into the endless expanses of the desert is also as exciting as a whirlwind. These trickle to you during your vacation in Oman with your children even several times their grains of sand. Go on a “treasure hunt” in the green oases and walk in the footsteps of Sinbad in the fascinating cities before you snuggle blissfully into the Berber pillows in the evening. Overnight tip: Wild camping is allowed in Oman. Experience Oman with your children under the inky blue tablecloth of the Arabian constellations of the legendary southern sky.

This is what children can learn on a trip to Oman

Looking for a destination with educational value? Traveling to Oman with your kids is simply perfect for this. Oman unfolds a seemingly endless variety of natural and cultural gems, so the little ones will almost automatically hang on your every word. Mime the personal tour guide and tell them about the fascinating treasures of the Sultanate.

By meeting the rural population in Oman or maybe even the Bedouins, your children will learn to meet other cultures at eye level. They gain an impressive picture of other people’s lives, learn humility as well as gratitude and see how an everyday life can also look different than in their own home. You may encounter locals who have to work very hard to make a living. Ideal for giving children an idea of the value of financial resources.

Local children in Oman, in most cases, grow up with the traditions of Oman and the clothing associated with them from their earliest childhood days. The male robe Dishdasha, the Abaya of the girls as well as the round headgear Kumma with small boys can create fascination and likewise realizations over customs. The sight of old mud houses in the villages also offers a wonderful contrast to the modern Central European buildings that many children take for granted. Your little ones will get to watch Omani kids play soccer and learn how cool haggling can be in the colorful, fragrant markets. Speaking of fragrance, take your kids to a date oasis like the one below the fortress of Nakhl or the green date grove Birkat al Mauz near the Golden Tulip Hotel in Nizwa. You will learn a lot about life as a farmer in Oman.

Last but not least, the religious tolerance you will find in Oman is a welcome occasion to introduce your already somewhat older children to other religions. Islam is the state religion. It is assumed that a large part of the Muslims belong to the Ibadites. Sunnis and Shiites continue to be represented in Oman. A possible start to this topic can be a joint visit to the Great Sultan Qaboos Mosque in the capital Muscat.

Beach vacations in Oman for families – these sandy pearls make children’s hearts beat faster

Since you will be arriving from Germany with your children at the airport in Muscat – the capital of Oman – you don’t have to drive that far to get to the beaches that will cause sheer euphoria in your kids. You will find them all in the northeast very close to Muscat and the port city of Sur. You should make a note of these dream beaches:


Al Jissah Beach

The picture-book beach is part of the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, but can also be visited if you are not staying at this hotel. The entrance fee is about 20 Omani Rial. Like the 5-star hotel, the beach belongs to the Omani luxury class and is super-easy to reach by car. You will find catering, sanitary facilities, deck chairs and lifeguards. While mom gets pampered at the beach spa, dad can join the little ones in the water sports adventure.

Oman Dive Center Beach

Scuba diving and snorkeling adventures like those at Oman Dive Center Beach are a must-do for Oman. The bay around the beach is very protected and attracts with its crystal clear as well as calm water. Since here, in addition to catering and sanitary facilities, there are also umbrellas and sunbeds unfolded for you, it is worth spending a whole vacation day on this beach.

Qurum Beach

The palm trees sway lushly in the sea breeze as you approach with your pack and check out the situation. A fabulous 4 km sandy beach awaits you directly in the capital and is the perfect place to mat down when the shopping spree is still in your bones. There are no deck chairs here, but there are lifeguards – along with the usual big-city gastronomy and sanitary facilities for the obligatory “I have to go to the bathroom, Mom!


Turtle Beach Resort

The question is, what will excite your kids more at this place? The prospect of turtle-watching (only possible when visiting the hotel within defined times) or the beach? Fine sandy, the latter nestles in a bay that is quite minimalist for non-guests of the eponymous hotel. Although there are also restaurants and sunbeds in the public area, you will have to cut back on the sanitary facilities. There is also a small fee for the use of the dream beach. Expect slightly stronger winds, so you may be able to venture on your first kiteboarding adventure with teenagers. Smaller children are better off on the beach section, which is part of the resort. At the resort you can book a small cabin. The turtles to look at are on top.

Ras al Jinz Turtle Beach

Far less developed than the beach of the Turtle Beach Resort, but all the more pristine, is the Turtle Beach of Ras al Jinz. Here there are neither gastronomy, nor extensive sanitary facilities or even lifeguards, but toilets and a real natural spectacle. On this beach sea turtles breed and lay their eggs at night. With a little luck, fearlessness of Omani nights in the vastness of the prairie, as well as perseverance, you can watch the little turtles hatch on this beach. Unforgettable!


Al Ashkharah Beach

South of Sur, at the end of the E35 and about two hours north of Masirah Island, an overland drive will take you to Al Ashkharah Beach – a sensational 15km beach in the middle of nowhere, as pristine as the sand between your toes. The kite paradise for enthusiastic surfers offers the best conditions for water sports and is used with preference by the locals. You can picnic with your kids in stone pavilions in Oman and celebrate life to the fullest while swimming in seclusion. A truly magical idyll in the boundlessness of Omani sea dreams.

Find out what else Oman has to offer for you and your kids!

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