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You want to go on vacation to Oman with your kids, but you don’t want to count sheep clouds on the beach day in and day out? Don’t worry, Oman has plenty of age-appropriate activities up its sleeve for kids. The following overview shows you what you can do with children in Oman. The smorgasbord of ideas is peppered with plenty of adventure, exciting places, and stimuli in which children’s curiosity does its best capers. Grab your kids bucket list now and scribble down the best kid-friendly things to do in Oman. Let’s go!

Walks and hikes with children in Oman

Children by nature need a lot of exercise. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to chase after beach volleyball on the beach in your completely relaxed vacation state of mind. Besides, not every beach is suitable for sports activities. This is mainly because the winds blow particularly strongly in many places directly by the sea. If a ball falls into the water, sprinting after it can quickly become dangerous due to undercurrents. Therefore, it is much more advisable to provide plenty of exercise elsewhere. You can do this with wonderful walks and hikes.

At the mention of a hike, the flashing beacon goes on for you? Even if your children are not enthusiastic about hiking, you have the best conditions to change that with the destination Oman. A hike does not have to be the same as a European hike and therefore not necessarily strenuous. Depending on your child’s age, condition, enthusiasm and desire for challenge, you can choose from different activities.

Difficulty: low (suitability for small children)

Oman has an extensive coastline from the south through the east to the north. Especially in the tourist centers around Muscat in the north and Salalah in the south, the beaches intended for small children are suitable for a walk on the beach. Show your rascals how great it can be to walk down a barefoot path with the wet sandy mud squishing through the gaps between your kids’ toes. As a rule, the quality of fine sand beaches is powdered sugar, so there should not be any major problems in terms of possible risk of injury from sea urchins. However, a healthy amount of care should be taken, as shells can break, resulting in sharp edges. Have you ever built a sandcastle with your kids? On the Omani beaches you have the perfect opportunity for this.

If you prefer something a little more fancy and want to let the scent of the big wide world waft around your children’s noses, you can stroll with them along the harbor promenade Corniche in the district of Muttrah near Muscat. The Corniche is about 10 km long, with a difference in altitude of about 16 m to overcome. Especially worth seeing here are the small pavilions where the Omanis like to enjoy a cup of tea. Your children will certainly be amazed at the sight of the men in their white robes. With a little luck you can watch dolphins at the coast during their lively activity in the sea.

Difficulty: medium (suitability for school children)

Like little green tufts on an ocher canvas, countless oases pop up in the interior of Oman. From this even whole oasis cities have developed. Nizwa is certainly the most popular of them. With a little luck, date farmers will pick you the juicy fruits they cultivate here. From Nizwa, you and your children will have access to the beautiful green wadis in the north – oases in the middle of a barren landscape where you can go on short hikes. If it gets sweaty, cooling off awaits in the emerald green natural pools. Ideal to make hiking in Oman palatable to children and still ensure a good bathing mood.

Since it can get very hot, especially in the center of the country, be sure to wear extremely high sun protection, protective headgear and T-shirts with longer sleeves. In addition, abundant water is needed, because the supply situation in the interior is peripheral and not developed to the same extent as it is on the coast. The journey to the oases can sometimes lead through very barren areas. So that your children don’t lose their desire to hike until they arrive, you can tell them about life in Oman (

Difficulty: challenging (suitable for children who are used to hiking)

Your kids love to hike? Let’s go to the gigantic mountain ranges in Oman. You can look forward to a first class trekking adventure with your children. In the Hajar Mountains, deep gorges invite to challenging hikes. The biggest challenge is undoubtedly the largest mountain in Oman – Jebel Shams – with an altitude of around 3,000 meters. When planning a trekking adventure with kids in Oman, take into account that the air gets thinner high up in the mountains. Plenty of fluids and suitable trekking equipment are mandatory for this.

Animal adventure with children in Oman

Can you score points with your little ones with animal experiences? In Oman, visit with your children the most beautiful places where animals reign. Adjust your sunglasses on your nose, because we’re going to the desert.

Camel riding in Oman

Oman has two deserts: the Rub al-Khali in the southwest and the Wahiba Sands in the northeast. For children, the Wahiba Sands is more optimal due to its smaller size and nature. Bet your kids have never seen a bigger sandbox? But there is no time for sand molds and digging, because trusting looking camels have already lined up for you. Just getting on the desert ships is a lot of fun. The descent, by the way, certainly a lot more! Make sure to have your camera ready for that big moment.

vacation with children Oman
Pure desert

The desert ships rock you leisurely through the endless expanses, are very patient and enjoy the one or other pleasant caress. Venture up the gigantic dunes with a guided jeep tour. From the dune crest you will enjoy a breathtaking view in the glistening light of the Omani sun. You will also have the opportunity to get an impression of the desert life of the Bedouins. Moments that will remain unforgotten, especially for your children.

Turtle watching in Oman

If you travel to Oman with your children during the period from April to October, you will be lucky enough to arrive just as the turtles are laying their eggs. This happens on the coast when the sea turtles build their nests to lay their eggs. Since the animals are disturbed in their natural habitat if the visit to such a place is uncontrolled, the areas are posted as nature reserves. This means that you can visit them with your children in Oman as part of guided tours.

Such a tour is especially exciting in the hot summer. Because then the turtle offspring hatches. In early summer, only the nests are visible. In order not to frighten the animals, approach them slowly. Incidentally, egg laying usually occurs at night. As soon as the turtles have buried their eggs, they disappear again into the whitecaps of the sea. They are safe there. The offspring hatching after 55 days must see that they make it to the sea alive. Its biggest danger are voracious birds as well as crabs.

Major turtle spots include: Raz Al Jinz, Raz Al Hadd, Daymaniyat Islands, Masirah Island.

Dolphin & Whale watching in Oman

When traveling with children to Oman in the period from October to March, you have excellent chances to see dolphins and whales. Particularly large schools of dolphins can be found in the regions of Al Sharqiyah, Al Wusta as well as in Dhofar.

The most beautiful viewpoints are in the Bandar Al Khairan Nature Park of Muscat, on the Barr Al Hikman peninsula, on Duqm Beach as well as in the Khor Shimm lagoon in the Khasab district of Musandam. Other spots can be found on the Dhofar beaches around Salalah and around the island of Ras Al Hallaniyah, which can be reached from Ash Shuwaymiyyah in southeastern Oman.

More kid friendly things to do in Oman

With all these experiences, you and your children haven’t found the right one yet? The magic box of child-friendly activities in Oman has many more wonderful ideas at the start.

A special experience – not only for children, but also for adults – are the unique snorkeling opportunities. You can also rent a speedboat and cruise along the Omani coast. Nautical feeling with a lot of knowledge transfer to the traditional background awaits you and your children in Oman in the dhow shipyard of the port city Sur. Here you are on the trail of Sinbad, the sailor. If that’s not the perfect excuse for your kids to shorten bedtime by telling pirate stories.

In Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, you can traverse a labyrinth of countless steps and chambers in the ancient Roman fortress of Jabrin. Also, a visit to a souk should definitely be on your kids bucket list. Where else can you find more beautiful lamps in the style of Aladdin? Be on the lookout for dried fruits that will make you want to try the specialties of Omani cuisine. There are also unique sea shells – real one-of-a-kind – for sale. Together with your children you can put together the most beautiful souvenirs in the souk. Surely your kids have plenty of talent to haggle for the best price of the goods with the most beautiful look in their eyes.

You want to know one last highlight for your trip with kids to Oman? Camp wild and celebrate a barbecue in style – pure campfire romance!

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