My favorite 14 hotels in Oman you should know!


When it comes to hotels, Oman has a lot to offer! I would like to introduce you to my absolute favorites. From the exquisite five-star hotel to the simple place to stay, everything is there.

Hotels in and around Muscat / Muscat

The capital of Oman offers very very many wonderful hotels. If you travel to Oman, you will hardly pass Muscat. In our Muscat travel guide you will find a good overview of the great city. My favorite hotels are:

Al Bustan Palace – A guest of Sultan Qaboos

When you step through the gate of this palace, you leave everyday life behind. The scent of Omani incense, known worldwide since ancient times and coveted even by the pharaohs, and the imposing yet understated in style entrance hall with its crystal fountain and beautiful chandelier reflect the nature of Oman – built from the most precious materials yet understated and stylish.

In Oman, wealth is not flaunted. The architecture also adapts to nature – one remains faithful to the traditional construction without sacrificing the most modern comforts.

The luxury hotel is located about a good hour from the airport, right on a remote beach. Like a shell in which the pearl is hidden, the octagonal building nestles perfectly into its surroundings.

Oman - a round trip - my favorite sights 3

On one side there is a beautifully landscaped garden right by the sea and on the other side there is a view of the Al Hajar Mountains. The Six Senses Spa offers a variety of sports activities in addition to luxurious treatments. And there is a private beach only for ladies, which can be rented incl. private lounge overlooking the sea. For me, Al Bustan Palace is one of the most beautiful hotels not only in Oman, but in the world.

Al Bustan Palace Garden

The Chedi

If you don’t want to transport your suitcase and the empty copy for the souvenirs over tens of kilometers, the high-end establishment with its immediate proximity to the airport (15 minutes) is your top address in Muscat. In the sophisticated 5-star luxury house you can open your beach lounger directly at the terrace door and fold down your sunglasses from the hairline. Club suites, deluxe rooms and superior rooms offer you all the comforts and a divine stay as if on a palanquin.

You have direct access to the Gulf of Oman and after jumping into the cool water you can let yourself be toasted by the drumming of the rainforest shower. In two culinary soundscapes, four open-air gastronomic units, a lobby lounge and a shisha court, you’ll table like the Sultan. Traditional Arabic, Asian and international cuisine are joined by fusion cuisine. At the Chedi Spa, you can get your well-deserved beauty sleep under the first-class pampering hands of the wellness team with holistic Ayurvedic treatments. He will be waiting for you behind the gate of your accommodation, when you drift into the realm of dreams in the purple light of the Omani nights.

Centara Muscat Hotel Oman

Not upper class, but middle class, you’ll stay in the nevertheless chic 4-star hotel in Al-Ghala, the city’s business district. It is also very close to the airport and the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre. By rental car you are at Athaiba Beach in about 10 minutes. This hotel is therefore only an option for you if you don’t want to commit to an immediate beach hotel. The heart of the elite house is the rooftop pool, from which you can enjoy a great view of the canyons while sipping a cup of Arabic coffee.

Feel the wind of the desert catching in your hair and the sound of the city bringing the melody of your heart to your ears during an evening pool session. Rooms, suites, gastronomy and spa are in no way inferior to the high Omani standard. Fish for you from the traditional Ocakbasi grill? The Turkish specialty restaurant “Akdeniz” roasts it crispy for you. But don’t worry: you’ll also be spoiled here with local dishes and food from the big wide world. The only thing missing is the perfect sundowner in your hand, whispering the legends of the desert carried by the wind.

Muscat Inn Hotel

If you’re on a budget in Muscat or prefer to focus on Amouage & Co., the 3-star budget Muscat Inn Hotel is a reasonable option. In only 6 minutes by car you are at the Great Sultan Qaboos Mosque. This puts the capital’s top sights within reach, and you can let the sound waves of the muezzin’s call tickle the tip of your nose in the morning. A day can’t start more beautifully and more typical of the country, can it?

Between Muscat and Nizwa

Many grab a rental car in Muscat and head to the cultural pearl of Oman – Nizwa. After about two-thirds of the way, you come close to the wonderful Anantara Jabal Akhdar.

Anantara Jabal Akhdar

The luxury hotel Anantara Jabal Akhdar offers unforgettable sunsets. Only about two hours drive from Muscat, the hotel is located on a canyon at 2000 meters above sea level. The trip there also remains unforgettable. It goes far up on a serpentine road. With the SUV, it is also easy to use the off-road roads to drive into pure nature.


One is rewarded with incredibly beautiful viewpoints. The luxury resort seems to float between heaven and earth and is built on the very spot from which Lady Diana once fell in love with the country. At the very spot where she stood gazing over the endless canyons is the lookout point, where yoga classes are also held in the morning.

The impressive lobby of the Anantara Jabal Akhdar
Oman - a round trip - my favorite sights 6
Breakfast by the pool

Nizwa hotels

Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman, is a cultural pearl. Numerous sights can be visited in Nizwa. These naturally attract many tourists for whom beautiful hotels are available:

Al-Diyar Hotel

At the Al-Diyar Hotel(check availability*), you’ll have a lower-middle-class hotel. You’ll find a mixed crowd here, as it’s quite popular with locals as well. You could say that this makes it a bit more country than, for example, the Golden Tulip, which we’ll get to in a moment. It is idyllically located about 4 km south of the center and on hot days you can even find some cooling in the in-house small pool in the courtyard. In addition, the house has a restaurant with a somewhat cool flair, but the food there is highly recommended.

Golden Tulip Hotel

The Golden Tulip Hotel(check availability*), on the other hand, is in the upper-middle class. It is located about 20 km outside of Nizwa on the old route to Birkat al-Mauz in the direction of Muscat. There are two nightclubs with live music and you will meet mostly international crowd. After long explorations in the region, a great pool area invites you to relax. The transfer to the city by cab is possible at any time and is usually quick and uncomplicated.

Salalah hotels

One of the tourist hotspots is Salalah. Find out what Salalah has to offer! Of course, you can find great hotels here as well:

Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara

You want to reside once so really fancy? The exclusivity that is already the order of the day at Al Mina Restaurant continues throughout the hotel complex. Walking in the lap of about 700 palm trees, Arabic round arches and typical Omani mosaics will quench your thirst for an exterior in a class of its own. Visualize the meaning of the same in the infinity pool, if after a day on the hotel’s private beach and fresh water lagoon you still haven’t had enough of the promise of the sea. In sleek rooms and elite private villas, you’ll bed your head on comfortable organic cotton. Is it possible to dream more luxuriously? The in-house Signature Spa Treatments are pretty darn dangerous competition.

Salalah Rotana Resort

A little further east, in the direction of Taqa, another 5-star luxury hotel offers a menu of Omani hospitality, sheer white sandy beaches and opulent oriental architecture. Let yourself be pampered by the high-end service in a picturesque setting.

Salalah Gardens Hotel

This 4-star hotel in the budget range is cheaper, but no less cozy. Located next to the Salalah Gardens Mall, you’ll spend the night away from the beach in a fine ambience inspired by Oriental architecture. The glistening rays of the Arabian sun will reliably tickle you awake every morning.

Mirbat hotels

You want to know what Mirbat offers? Info about Mirbat you can find here!

KAIRABA Mirbat Resort

The 5-star luxury hotel KAIRABA Mirbat Resort offers you the most noble opportunity to dance with the Omani stars in the inky blue night. In the sprawling complex, located outside the city center on a large yet dreamy bay, you’ll encounter a colorful clientele of guests from Europe and Arab countries – clad in a wide variety of garb, from burqas to thongs. Pure culture!

From your bed, you can roll right up to the surf and then pull your sun hat deeper into your forehead while sipping a cocktail at The Wharf Bar by the lagoon pool. The fine dining restaurant introduces you to Arabic as well as international specialties, and the Balinese massage is so good that you might as well unpack your hand paddles to cross the Indian Ocean to your Ayurvedic home in Asia.

Roshan Resort

If you are traveling to the diving hotspot Mirbat in Oman mainly for snorkeling and diving, a real rarity will await you at the 3-star Roshan Resort. The resort with family atmosphere is located near the old town of Mirbat at the end of Mirbat Street/corner of Zuhayr Street directly on the dream beach and lets you dive blissfully on your own house reef. The resort management is in German hands and has created with the dive center “Sumhuram Divers” a real box seat for the fascinating dives in Omani wetlands. You can also greet a resident dolphin colony with a little patience in the bay.

You will sleep in bungalows and dine in the hotel restaurant on the spacious terrace with a direct view of the sea. Seafood, oriental specialties and Mongolian barbecue leave hardly any culinary wishes unfulfilled. The clientele at Roshan Resort tends to be European and the resort exudes a quiet, serene flair. If you do not have big demands on design and luxury, but rather appreciate nature and the associated silence, you are exactly right at Roshan Resort.

Hotels on Masirah Island

Your focus is on the big waves that you ride until late in the afternoon? Maan Hotel Apartment in Ras Hilf is a budget accommodation option that is well rated by guests. If you like it more luxurious, the waves will push you closer to the 4-star hotel Masira Island Resort.

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