Why a car is a valuable design object

Why a car is a valuable design object 1

Is a car a commodity? Yes, it is. But not only – at least not according to me. The oldest wheel with an axle in the history of mankind is 5200 years old. And a lot has changed in the world of mobility since then. The car is synonymous with the ingenuity of the human brain, which is capable of such inventions. But the car is also at the forefront of design.

VW Polo from 1981 – My first love on four wheels

My first car was “just” a white 12-year-old VW Polo. Nothing special in terms of design, but I loved it. Today it is a legend. It took me to the coolest parties, my best friends and my first city trips. It was my second home. And just as I customised my room, I customised my car. I’ve always found it hard to work in a messy room. It’s the same with driving. I need to feel comfortable!

Louboutin, Cartier … And a car

When you talk to car designers, you realise that a car is not just a sheet of metal, it is passion and love. Every step that contributes to the perfection of a car reflects the creativity of each individual who has worked on it. It is a work of art, a symbiosis of design and engineering.

Isn’t it the same with shoe design? I may not own many, but the ones I do, I love! And they are chosen according to my style, which reflects me – elegant, understated, timeless. I remember an interview with an exterior chief designer at a driving experience in Iceland. He cited Christian Loboutin’s pumps as the inspiration for his new design. Or as they say in some circles: it’s the Porsche under your shoes!

My Louboutin pumps are over-maintained. They are only worn on special occasions. After use, they go into a fabric-lined box. I’ve had them for so long they could pass for vintage. But their timeless style still makes them eye-catching! We also love our favourite dress or jacket and take care of our face.

Even my Cartier Trinity, a precious gift, is taken to the Cartier boutique once a year for a refreshing polish. The symbol of three interlinked rings, representing love, loyalty and friendship, should retain its lustre after many years. Probably the most famous trinity ring in the world, it also symbolises the culture of the Celts. The Celtic knot, also known as the Triquetra, is one of the most important symbols of the Mother Goddess and symbolises the union of sea, earth and sky. For me, it represents the undying connection between Mother Earth and us humans. The perfect talisman for my sustainable road trips with electric cars. Was it not a designer who told me that I could find a historical background even in the car he designed?

Show me your car and I’ll tell you who you are!

If we take care to emphasise our personality through our clothes and accessories, why shouldn’t we do the same when choosing a car? It’s not about size or price. It’s about emphasising your own style. And when we do choose a car, why don’t we pay attention to the car that has all the passion and love of an engineer, designer, modeller and technician poured into it?

Do we not admire Chanel, Valentino, Dior? We admire their creations, even if we can’t afford them. Why shouldn’t we do the same with a car? I admire how Chanel, Dior or Valentino have retained their recognisable value after so many years, even pointing the way to the future. We find the same thing with car brands! Designers are currently working on the design of the mobile future, setting the direction, always with the DNA, the brand name, in mind.

Yes, I admire car design. Car manufacturers are even represented at Milano Design Week, the largest annual design event and furniture fair in the world. Audi AG showed me how to work with a famous studio to design the interior of a future model.

So for me, if I neglected my car, I wouldn’t be honouring the passion that goes into it and I wouldn’t be appreciating the knowledge of human history. “Wow, that’s a well-maintained car!” For me, as a woman, that is also one of the nicest compliments you can give me!

Why a car is a valuable design object 2



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