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Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5!


ID.5 Per performance

Imagine you have an appointment in Slovenia. And then you spontaneously decide to take a few days off. You think spontaneity with an e-car is not possible? We have tested it with the ID.5.

He looks great. The ID.5 Pro Performance with 150 kW (204 hp) in Blue Dusk Metallic Black. The largest SUV among the ID family with quite a long range (WLTP 516 km) despite a curb weight of over 2118 kg is rear-wheel drive. Usable battery capacity: 77 kWh.

It is September when I start my road trip to Izola, 650 km away. “September, so what?” some will be asking themselves now. Well, the time of year is important to estimate the range. High temperatures – high range. Low temperatures – lower range. And in September? With about 18 degrees Celsius, you can go very far with a full charge. At 100% battery, the range is now 483 km. Will I make it to Zagreb? Probably not, since I’ll be driving mostly on the freeway. And there the consumption is also higher due to fast driving. The first time I load it is shortly after the Bosnian-Herzegovinian border at the Novska freeway service station. From 35% only to 51% to reach my planned fast charging station in Zagreb at Porsche.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 1

Range king with massage function

Next stop over: Porsche Zagreb fast charging station. Once fully charged to 100% with 125 kW. The ID.5 needs about 29 minutes from zero to 80%. Isn’t it better to just go to 80%? Yes, in everyday life. For long distances and immediate starting after full charge it does not harm the batteries. New range: 414 km. I don’t have to charge until I reach my destination in Izola, 250 km away. My consumption until then is 17.8 KW per 100 km. I’m surprised, because that’s not very much considering I’ve been driving almost exclusively on the highway. Also, the air conditioner ran all the time and the model has a massage function, which was used continuously.

Slovenia and Italy spontaneously in one day

When I arrive, I still have a range of 166 km at 34%. The consumption from Zagreb to Isola was 19.6 KW per 100 km.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 2

The next day I drive to the city of Isola to have a look around. The PlugShare app takes me to an AC Charger with 11 kW in the old town. My battery is perfectly sufficient for my spontaneous visit to Italy via Piran. I visit a mountain village, Trieste and Undine.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 3

Streaming along the legendary Adriatic Highway

It’s back home towards Sarajevo via Adriatic Highway from Undine. My battery is back to 100% thanks to DC charging station in the city. From now on no more highway – only a beautiful road along the sea until Split. My first charging destination: the city of Rijeka in Istria, Croatia, 150 km away. There, too, the colleagues from Porsche welcome me in a friendly manner and give me full power for the car again.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 4

Now the range is 458 km. I am curious how the consumption will be, because I will no longer drive on the highway, but only on the country road along the coast. Not without reason this road is considered one of the best in the world for road trips. I decide to charge my car to 100% in Split. My app leads me to the Lidl parking lot. And there is a DC charging station and charging is free! My car now shows a range at full battery 482 km! I enter in my navigation system Sarajevo at destination.displayed kilometers: 234. I don’t know the route and have no idea how it goes. I leave the coastal road and from now on it’s uphill.

And suddenly you end up in the most beautiful nature park in the country …

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 5

At this range, it probably won’t be a problem. And then I finally realize where I am: I have landed in Blidinje Nature Park. For ages I wanted to drive this route with an e-car. However, I was advised against it again and again because it was feared that the range might not be sufficient due to the long incline. Well, it’s enough. At the top I enjoy the view over the Blidinje lake. From here it goes down again. Already the town of Konjic appears in the valley. Now I am about 40 km away from Sarajevo. When I arrive home, the range is still 100 km. Consumption was 15.2 kWh per 100 km for 330 km.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 6

How much will 1500 kilometers cost me with the ID.5?

The issues are interesting. All in all, the trip of about 1500 km cost me 92 € (loading, parking, toll). Today, you can’t get that far with a combustion engine for such a low price. Which is why I’m still a big fan of e-cars: you always arrive at your destination refreshed because of the breaks you have to take. However, I hardly had to stop on this route because I hardly ever drove on the highway. Thus, the range was always very high. Still, I never got to any targets as planned. This was simply due to the breathtaking nature, for which I was very happy to insert unexpected stops.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 7

Conclusion: You can also travel spontaneously with an e-car! With the support of its navigation system, some apps and a portable adapter, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck somewhere with a completely dead battery. So don’t panic and off you go on an electrified adventure!

The trip was organized jointly with Porsche BiH. ID.5 was provided by Volkswagen BiH and DasWeltAuto BiH.

Be spontaneous? This works great with the VW ID.5! 8



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