ProGreen – An account for a better world

ProGreen - An account for a better world 1

How ProCredit Bank is revolutionising sustainability in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Do you know what your bank does with your invested money? Exactly! I never knew that either. Until I met ProCredit Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A development-oriented commercial bank from Germany, where sustainability is a top priority in all criteria.

I have been a client of theirs for just over a year now, and I follow everything they are doing to create a healthy environment, not only for future generations, but also for us already. Mother Nature with her flora and fauna, as well as her inhabitants should become healthy again.

ProGreen - An account for a better world 2

A uniquely green company

It is a kind of natural act on the part of the bank, which opened its first branch in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997 with the aim of rebuilding the war-torn country. The “greenfield” Micro Enterprise supported the economic structure in which the small and medium enterprises were and still are of enormous importance.

Already many green projects have been realized in terms of sustainability and healthy future. But now they are again another step ahead of everyone.

The sustainable bank has now unveiled its new product, called ProGreen. Once you have chosen this account, you become a player in creating a green future.

ProGreen - An account for a better world 3
Photo: ProCredit Bank

Account holders have insight into all eco-actions and projects initiated by the bank. As a thank you for each new client and their newly opened ProGreen account, the bank plants a small tree and names it after the new ProGreen client. With this symbolic act, the client and the bank jointly participate in the necessary action for the regeneration of nature and the environment. Of course, as a new community member, you can plant the seedling yourself if you wish. Personally, I would advise it, because this act will happen in one of the most beautiful natural places!

Can you eat them!?

The best comes at the end. You get a Mastercard that has never existed before.

It is the first ecological debit card in Bosnia and Herzegovina produced from corn fiber. Of course, sustainable in the region, more precisely in Kosovo. Apart from the chip, the card is completely biodegradable. The company has been working on this idea for a very long time, as they have been investing their efforts in reducing the ballast of plastic waste, which is a great burden on nature, for quite some time.

ProGreen - An account for a better world 4

Holders of this debit card are rewarded with many benefits. One of the most interesting is that when purchasing energy-efficient technologies, a return of 10 percent of the total amount up to a maximum of 200 KM is repaid by the bank. Thus, any new appliance from the Household Goods sector with an A+ rating and above will be cheaper if paid for with this card and a ProGreen account.

One click to a green player

I am already a member of ProGreen! Now I know that my investments will be used in valuable projects for the environment and society, while my sustainable lifestyle will also be financially rewarded on the side.

Interested in getting involved in building a better and greener future? Then click here!

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