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Everything in a calm manner


The policeman calls me friendly to him and hands me my driver’s license with a smile on his face. It took an hour to get it. In Oman everything works a little faster and above […]


Belgrad – Fićo connects


To visit the Serbian capital Belgrade with a Fićo is a journey into the past. The legendary Yugoslavian car is currently undergoing a revial. It is at least as popular as Tito’s time in all countries of the former Yugoslavia. […]

DS 7 Crossback - the gentle conqueror 77

DS 7 Crossback – the gentle conqueror

DS 7 Crossback - the gentle conqueror To commemorate Napoleon’s 250th birthday, we journey from Paris to Marengo with the DS 7 Crossback in order to get to the bottom of his legendary crossing of [...]

The wheel – a unique creation

Actually, it looks pretty unspectacular. In the showcase, there is a round wooden object, one end of which has been broken off and probably lost. Next to it hangs a stick. But isn’t it the [...]