Schloss Elmau in Bavaria - honeymoon "on the doorstep"

Freshly married lovers may also find a number of places “on their doorstep” where they can honeymoon wonderfully. With the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid we drove to the Alps and visited the world famous Hotel Schloss Elmau.

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Schloss Elmau in Bavaria - honeymoon "on the doorstep"

Freshly married lovers may also find a number of places “on their doorstep” where they can honeymoon wonderfully. With the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid we drove to the Alps and visited the world famous Hotel Schloss Elmau.

My Stages

We are in front of the entrance of the Schloss Elmau Retreat, which was built in 2015 in addition to the original hotel from 1914. I am excited. This hotel, which now consists of two completely different architectural objects, is not just any luxury house. It is the place where intellectuals, royalty and international politicians met. Only 100 km south of Munich near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and 40 km north of Innsbruck between Zugspitze and Karwendelgebirge, it is situated at 1000 meters above sea level at the foot of the Wettersteinwand, surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers.

Follow my impressions

Temple of Wisdom

My excitement fades away at the entrance. Warm colors and wood panelling catapult me out of my everyday life. There is no classic reception area either. A lady approaches us smiling in the sun-drenched entrance to lead us to the Tutto Mondo restaurant in the lounge. The front is completely glazed and offers a view of the mountains and the endless sky. It is still too fresh to eat on the terrace behind. But deckchairs with cuddly blankets invite you to take a midday nap under the sun. It is lunchtime. Tea- and Cake-Time in the castle Elmau. I am impressed by the incredibly large library, which is also in the hall on the opposite side. An infinite number of books, which can be read in comfortable armchairs with reading lamps. Or you can simply take your tea by the fireplace, which is also located in this temple of wisdom. From technical literature to world bestselling fiction – everyone will find something here.

© Eda Calisti
© Eda Calisti

“We buy all books ourselves. Of course, some copies are also taken, then we just add on more,” explains Dietmar Müller-Elmau, owner of the hotel, which was built according to his wishes. Here everything is indeed different: “It is unorthodox here in many ways, because I built the hotel to suit myself. I wanted to create a place where our guest feels at home and can be him/herself. Here individuality is in the foreground and not homogeneity”. Guests do not have to forego a cultural program either. Jazz and classical music concerts with big names like Lang Lang, as well as readings in the hotel’s own concert hall throughout the year are included in the room rate for hotel guests, and for those who would like to purchase a book – the hotel’s own bookstore helps out.


Guest of the elephant god Ganesha

The decoration originates from different parts of the world and different types of wood, fabrics and stones were used. As in the library – there is a style for everyone with which she/he can identify. It is this diversity around me that makes me enthusiastic and makes me forget everyday life. Only one thing is striking. No matter where you are in the hotel, everywhere you go you find the same image of an elephant, which runs like a red thread through all the scenes. “In this world of diversity you need orientation and for that you need judgment and memory. That is why the elephant is present everywhere, which in India symbolizes these two mentioned qualities.” The guest, both children and adults, can choose their bathrobe from 15 different colors. The staff also decides individually which color their uniform should have. And if one of the staff does not want to wear one, that is also OK.


Pictures: © Hotel Elmau

A place where you can get out of each other's way

I drink green tea in the library and let the peace and quiet take effect on me. Other guests greet me nicely. An elderly couple next to me is playing ludo. Two couples sit at the fireplace and talk together. Even families with small children are present. There are a lot of different rooms and possibilities to get out of the way of each other and find your own place to rest. Dietmar Müller-Elmau has consciously arranged this. So everyone can be alone without having the feeling of being separated from his or her loved one. In his opinion, it is also important not to be trapped by a certain style or space all the time. The guest enjoys the freedom of choice. Twelve restaurants and lounges, including the 2-star Gault Milau Luce D’Oro, three spas and pools each, which are heated all year round, an Oriental Hammam, TCM, as well as Yoga Retreat with international Yoga experts – there is no sign of boredom.

© Schloss Elmau
© Schloss Elmau

Andreas is already waiting for us. We stand in front of a wooden gate. A sign announces that we are in front of the entrance to the house’s vineyard. We walk down a few serpentines. Hidden in the vineyard there is a wooden bench and table with a free view over the valley and the endless horizon. So much beauty takes our breath away. Andreas smiles: “This is our pulpit. What we cannot see from here is that we are on a large rocky outcrop that provides us with this view. It is my father’s favorite place to this day.” We sit on the bench and briefly forget the lovingly arranged picnic: cheese from the valley, pickled vegetables, including balsamic onions, olives, game and beef salami. Of course, the South Tyrolean Vinschgau Valley is not missing in the bread basket, all baked by the mistress of the house herself! Drinks are served with the in-house Sauvignon white wine “Marzan” and organic apple juice. For dessert there are delightful little fruit tartlets conjured up by Irene.

© Schloss Elmau

The panoramic view of the mountains from my spacious suite is breathtaking. It is night already. The dimmed exterior lighting gives me a view of the starry sky and moonlit mountain peaks. Time has stood still in this powerful and energetic place. Tomorrow we will explore the region and on our return we will climb back into one of the heated outdoor pools or enjoy a vigorous massage. It seems that the stars shine especially bright here. Might also be my imagination. What I’m certainly not imagining: Our home is beautiful – and now is the perfect time to explore it with your loved one.

Our conclusion: Schloss Elmau is a perfect place for an unforgettable honeymoon. Whether you are looking for a romantic vacation for intensive togetherness, for lovers of adventure, culture or society – there is something for everyone!

© Schloss Elmau
© Schloss Elmau

Lovers can book the following packages:

  • Carriage ride to Ferchensee
  • Picnic on the Elmauer Alm
  • Romantic castle tour
  • Private breakfast or candle light dinner on the humpback meadow with a view of the monumental Wettersteinwand

Gourmet from the castle Elmau for your home:

Christoph Rainer, Executive Chef of the starred gourmet restaurant Luce d`Oro has prepared Tom Kha Gai just for us to recook.

Click here for the recipe.

The only thrifty Swabian, that we let get close to us

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid 8-Gang Tiptronic S

Energy efficiency A+ at 680 PS – the Swabian gets it right. In combination mode the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid consumes an average of 7.5 liters on the highway at full speed! The battery was not drained. It charges while braking or driving in Sport/Sport Plus mode. If you decide on the purely electric driving style, you can drive up to 40 kilometers with this luxury SUV. Thanks to my driving style the range was 34 kilometers.

© Eda Calisti

From comfortable to sporty – from silent to temperamental. I decide which companion I wanna activate. So it’s prepared for every situation, also with regard to my moods.

I let its sporty chassis run freely over the highway, always knowing in the background the assistance systems contribute to safe driving. The engine transmits its vibrating performance via the sporty steering wheel. In comfort mode it gives me a comfortable luxury ride – ideal for a road trip through nature.

Let’s be superficial now. This green colour in the writing and the brake blocks catches the eye and yes, in combination with its sound, whether silent or loud, it draws the eyes from its close surroundings. 

But it also depends on the inner values. Luxuriously embedded in sports seats I seem to be steering a spaceship without any complications. 

The “ride” into the Bavarian mountains was fun. Thanks to the hybrid version it also gives me a good conscience. Vacation with a car is always a pleasure. With such a SUV all the better! It doesn’t always have to mean if you need a SUV, but which one!

Number of cylinders: 8

Power: 404 kW / 550 HP

Maximum torque: 770 Nm

Power of electric machine: 100 kW / 136 HP

Maximum torque: 400 Nm

System power: 500 kW / 680 PS

Energy efficiency class: A+

Price: approx. 216.163,95 €

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