About me

Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work again.” Confucius is right! Already since my childhood always on great journey from Augsburg to Sarajevo this passion for travelling has remained until today.

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And that although we had to travel up to 24 hours for the 1000 kilometres. For me, travelling is a synonym for something new, exciting and mystical. I have found my destiny and as a freelance journalist I write about cars, travel and culture from a new and even unknown perspective.

Always on the move, even as a child
A few years later, I'm still on the move.

This mobility and above all curiosity for the undiscovered brought me to my present homes, Oman and the beautiful city of Sarajevo, where I can experience my professional passion with all its facets.

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My vita

1995 – 2001
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich Philosophical Faculties Egyptology / Coptology / History of Medicine

09/2010 – 09/2014
Freie Journalistenschule Berlin – Studies to become a graduate journalist

journalistic activity (writing reports, reportages, interviews, columns)

Since July 2002
freelance photo editor and consultant (setting up photo editorial offices, development of visual language, art direction, production of photo and video productions).

Among my customers are

Aenne Burda Verlag GmbH (www.burdastyle.com), Bauer Media Group, BMW Motorrad Deutschland, Burda Style Group, Cocoon Magazin, CondéNast GmbH (VANITY FAIR), Condé Nast Digital GmbH, CondéNet.de GmbH (www.vanityfair.de), Danube connects, daStandart.at, Foreo AG, Glamour.de, Glossybox.de, GQ.de, Freundin Verlag (www.freundin.de), Imagine Magazin, Instyle Germany, Instyle Men Germany, Jaguar Deutschland, LELO, JOY, Neckermann Reisen, NZZ, Playboy Deutschland, Prestige Magazin, Seinsart.de, Semmel Concerts Entertainment, SHAPE, Sistermag, StarNetOne GmbH / Burda Media AG (www.bunte.t-online.de, www.youngmagazine.de, INSTYLE MMS), Thomas Cook, Tamedia, T-Online International AG (www.t-online.de), White Photography… … …