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My Oman Travel Blog – Oman a wonderful travel destination

Where’s Oman?

Oman lies at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula at the Arabian Sea.S The capital Muscat is located about 5300 kilometers from Berlin. The neighbors of Oman are from north to south the United Arab Emirates. Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

What is special about Oman?

In spite of its geographical proximity to sometimes troubled and unstable states, Oman is an oasis of peace and safety. The people are extraordinarily friendly, almost cordial. Oman offers everything for a perfect holiday. The arabic culture, wonderful desert and coastal landscapes, mountains, green oases, small fishing villages and many beaches, sun and sea. The climate is mild in winter. However in summer it is very hot.. A round trip through the Oman is supported by the pretty good infrastructure. Oman is a sultanate, i.e. it is governed by Sultan Qaboos. This attaches special importance to the fact that despite the oil wealth and the modernization, the tradition remains preserved. Bedouins are as much a part of Oman as modern cars.

I love living in Oman. The combination of kind people, culture and modern influences is a dream. Especially as a woman, I feel very safe here. The common prejudices are not proven at all.

When is the best time to travel to Oman?

The best time to travel to Oman is in winter. When the temperatures in Europe fall in October, the pleasant time in Oman begins. Daytime temperatures will then be 25° C until February. At night it is mild and pleasant 20°. The sun shines between nine and ten hours a day. The amount of rain is usually negligible. Altogether it rains in Oman only a tenth of the Central European crowd. Only on excursions into the mountains you should check the weather. here it can come to very strong rainfalls. In summer (April to September) the average temperature rises up to 35°. At noon it can become quite 40°.

How secure is Oman?

Criminality – or better “non-criminality”

According to the German Foreign Office and the crime rate is very low. Those who know the official warnings know that they are usually very cautious. Only those who want to go to the border areas should take precautionary measures.

Especially as a woman, I feel very safe here. The common prejudices confirm not at all.

Natural disasters

Very heavy rainfall with flooding is possible in winter. In summer it is the cyclones that can spoil your holiday fun. I’ve been lucky so far. It’s never been extreme yet.

Source & further information: Foreign Office

Why travel to Oman? What awaits me in my Holidays?

An uncomplicated journey, a good infrastructure, a smooth introduction to the Arabic culture, these are some of the many reasons for my stay here and generally for a trip to Oman. Just like Thailand for the first trip to south-east Asia, Oman offers itself as the first destination in the Orient. No matter whether package holiday or individual trip for any type of traveller, this country offers great experiences.

Getting there – Arrival Oman

Getting to Oman is easy and uncomplicated. A visa can be applied online since spring 2018. This is the safest option, as the issue of a tourist visa (for example 30 € for about 40 €) is not always guaranteed upon entry.

  • Entry is only possible with a passport valid for six months.
  • If you have a temporary passport, you should check with your embassy before entering the country to see whether it is currently possible to enter the country.
  • The entry with the identity card is generally not possible.
  • Source and further information: Federal Foreign Office

I recommend arriving by plane. Oman Air and Gulf Air are flying directly to Oman. Alternatively, there are also cheap flights via Dubai or the other Gulf states with their own airlines.

Anyone wishing to travel by land or by ship is faced with numerous restrictions regarding the freedom to travel and also the safety of neighbouring countries. A journey by ship from Iran or entry via the United Arab Emirates is conceivable here.

Journeys in the country

Public transport is available within Muskat, but not beyond the city limits. If you do not want to travel by car, you can take a coach or a taxi, or choose a domestic flight. Oman does not own a railway line.

If you want to discover Oman in an uncomplicated way and without much effort, it is best to take the car. The freedom is greatest with your own rental car, possibly even with a driver who knows the place. Most public transport does not take you to all places of interest. If you want to discover the desert, the mountains or the wadis, you should choose the car.

Transport infrastructure and navigation

The transport infrastructure inside and outside the cities is very good. I like to drive from A to B myself. Either I use the navigation system or the traffic signs, which are also available in English. Off the roads, however, wanted to be trusted on a GPS or good maps not to get lost. Of course, a driver saves you these troubles.

For all those who want to drive offroad in the desert or in the mountains, we recommend a vehicle with four-wheel drive. This is not only safer but also more fun.

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